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Tropical Charters came to be when businessman Dato’ Alexander decided he would share his passion for sailing by starting a chartered yacht company in Langkawi and offering cruises to tourists, local and foreign alike and also promote yachting activities as encouraged by the Government.

The company was launched by the current Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2009 and from one catamaran we have grown to 7 yachts. Tropical Charters is also a registered Langkawi Yachting Entity as well as a registered Langkawi International Yacht Registry agent for the Marine Department of Malaysia. Tropical Charters is also a fully licensed travel agent by the Ministry of Tourism.  In 2016 the company won the prestigious Langkawi International Tourism Award, and was presented the award by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Tropical Charters Langkawi set up a One Stop Centre wherein all displays and selling material are digital and guests are allowed to use the one stop centre as a lounge to relax and plan their holiday activities.

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In 2013, Tropical Charters started ferry services from Kuah Jetty in Langkawi to Koh Lipe in Thailand , which have since become a popular route for local and foreign travellers visiting Langkawi. They have also set up a lounge at the Kuah Jetty for travellers who wish to use their facilities whilst waiting for their ferries.

Tourists seeking an experience to remember Langkawi are now able to experience the Unesco-endorsed Geopark from the unlikeliest of places – while sitting in a net, trawled through the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea.

The company offers a relaxing Day Cruise, where guests aboard the boats are taken out to open water, where they can tan in the sun, then take a refreshing dip in the cool waters right off the edge of the boat. Free flow of food and drinks, as well as a delicious barbecue on a private beach is part of the package.

The Sunset Cruises, however, remain a favorite among guests. Amidst a party-like atmosphere, a giant net is released into the water where guests are encouraged to sit in and relax, while they are pulled through the water from the boat in what Tropical Charters quite aptly calls the ‘Salt Water Jacuzzi’. A Sunset Cruise is of course not complete without guests gasping with amazement at the splendour of nature when they feast their eyes upon the myriad colours in the dusk sky.

Tourists seeking an experience to remember Langkawi are now able to experience the Unesco-endorsed Geopark from the unlikeliest of places – while sitting in a net, trawled through the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea. With a staff of 60 and growing the main aim of Tropical Charters is to provide the best experience to their guests.


Day Cruises – 6 Hours of Fun at Sea
Our Langkawi Day Cruise package takes you on an exciting half-day trip through the beautiful islands surrounding Langkawi. The emerald sea, salty air and lush green forests are common goods to be shared with loved ones – your significant other, your family, your group of tight-knitted friends.
For you sea and beach lovers out there, our Langkawi Day Cruise package will take the reins of giving you and your loved ones a pleasant day out in the sun! All you have to do is bring along some tanning lotion, sunscreen with a good amount of SPF, your most flattering beach wear and a couple of water-absorbing towels. You wouldn’t want to leave your waterproof camera behind either.

Sunset Cruises – 3 Hours of Tranquillity at Sea
Our Langkawi Sunset Cruise package is available every day of the week to cater to your needs. From couples who want a romantic night out to those of you who love watching the sun go down for the day, we’ve got just the deal for you! As its name sake, our Langkawi Sunset Cruise package gives you the opportunity to have a 3-hour night out of tranquillity at sea as the evening fades from shades of orange to a sky blue and black.

Private Cruises

Malaysia is home to some of the best islands in the world, and no island is as beautiful as Langkawi. With its pristine beaches and clear blue water, Langkawi is the perfect balance of the comforts of civilisation and wonders of untouched nature.

Sail with the Best Charter Company
There is much to do on Langkawi island as there is around the island, and the best way to reach these wondrous destinations is by yacht. Let the winner of the Asia and Australasia Awards 2017 for Best Charter Company of the Year cater to your every Langkawi Private Cruise needs.

A luxury yacht and crew await your every command, be it fairy lights reflecting in the water for your wedding reception, or the latest music for your birthday party at sea, or a business retreat in a heaven-on-earth setting. Perhaps you’d simply like a small get-together of friends & family, or for just you and that special someone?

Personalised Langkawi Private Cruise
Whatever you can dream, Tropical Charters can deliver. Our Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor and Langkawi International Tourism Awards speak for us, as does our service. Our crews are seasoned, with more than 12 years of seafaring experience around the Straits of Malacca and the Andaman Sea. In fact, we are the first company licensed by the Maritime Department of Malaysia to operate these cruises. You can trust our experience.



Island Drop
When guests choose our island drop option its always because they love basking on the beach or going on nature walks. We go for a spin on Dabayada around the islands, depending on the option chosen, before we drop you off where you land on the white sandy beaches and go shell hunting.

Island Hopping – 3 Islands, 1 Day, Twice a Day
We have an early riser option that starts at 9 am and ends at 1 pm, and another Langkawi Island Hopping tour that starts at 2 pm. The Langkawi Island Hopping tour stops at 3 main islands, which are Dayang Bunting Island, Beras Basah Island and Singa Besar Island.

Dayang Bunting Island
From Teluk Baru, this island is a 20 minute ride. The island is so named for its shape resembling a pregnant maiden, of whom there are many myths and tales about. The island’s biggest draw is only a short 15 minute hike up the trail, which will lead you to the other side of the island. There, a clear blue, fresh water lake awaits.

Singa Besar Island
Though its name means ‘Big Lion’, this island on the Langkawi Island Hopping tour is famous for eagle feeding. From the comfort of the boat, you will be able to watch the magnificent feeding frenzy of hundreds of eagles diving from the sky to grab fish out of the water. The species of eagle found here is the Golden Brown Eagle and the White Bellied Eagle.

Beras Basah Island
Presumably named ‘wet rice’ for the shape of its fine sandy white beaches, this is an island of relaxation. Sun bathers and swimmers will love the calm shallow waters, while the adrenaline junkies can rent banana boats and jet skis.

Notable wildlife on this island are the ‘beach monkeys’. These monkeys are acclimatized to humans and know they have food, so caution is always advised when setting up the perfect picnic location.

Fishing Tour
Enjoy time out on the beautiful waters of Langkawi for a private fishing tour. We take you on our speed boat and the mission of the day is to fish some fish or whatever may come our way. This trip comes equipped with some old fashioned fishing rods just like the locals do, drinks will be provided throughout the trip and a lunch box will be prepared as well.

If you are looking for something that gives you an adrenaline rush and if you love the sea, there’s no better way than to go on an exhilarating ride with one of our fun boats, be it Alexandra or Bayu or even a take it a notch further and indulge in some luxury onboard, Dabayada its bound to make your trip worthwhile.


This firery little 20 footer Aluminium hull speed boat originally designed for all round marine activities is now used for joy rides around the waters of Langkawi. A speedball that’s waiting to take our guests on a great spin and savor in the islands natural surroundings.


This high speed power boat is fun! Ideal for a small group of 6 guests including captain and hostess, “Alexandra” can take you on a joy ride around the islands in style and comfort, stopping off to swim, snorkel and have a picnic on the beach. Come for a spin!

Jet Ski Tour
Jet Skis are like the motorcycles of the ocean, bringing to mind speed, agility and skill. Unlike its land counterparts however, our Jet Ski Tours are easily operated and can be a safe yet exhilarating example for teenagers and adults.

Langkawi Jet Ski Tours is designed with the thrill-seeker in mind. Spanning the quiet seas around Langkawi, the clear blue water is the perfect backdrop for one or two riders to experience the speed of our powerful jet skis. Bigger parties can rent multiple jet skis for up to 4 hours to whizz around the open waters.

Educational Cruises
Here at Tropical Charters we advocate Mother Nature and all it has to offer. We conduct private educational cruises in and around the enchanted islands of Langkawi. It would be a 6 hour cruise and it’s perfect for school groups and individuals that love nature and wants to know more. Just like our other cruises there will be a BBQ lunch served onboard with drinks while you take in the beauty of the islands.

Langkawi is known for it’s myths and legends and for it’s GEOPARK forests hence the tag line “Naturally Langkawi ” and was awarded the UNESCO status in 2007. We aim to give tourist the history of how Langkawi was formed along with it’s legends that comes with it. One will also learn and be told about the geological nature of the island. To book an educational cruise please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with our packages.



Destination Management Centre

As a DMC, we take care of all your needs once you arrive in Langkawi. We specialise especially in our yachts as we are product owners our prices are very competitive. We have three (3) one-stop centres in Langkawi:

Pantai Cenang (in Nadias Hotel)
Pantai Tengah (opposite of Frangipani Hotel)
Kuah Jetty in Langkawi town
Additionally, we work closely with all 5-star hotels in Langkawi, as well as Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Exceptional Experience

While our twin deck catamaran can take up to 70 pax on a trip to watch the sunset or even for a drop of at a secluded island, we recently have a new seller which is our “floating event hall” which can take up to 500 pax with complete set up of tables, stage and sound systems to have your Gala Dinner onboard a ferry with open space floating in the middle of the ocean.

With a staff of 60 and growing the main aim of Tropical Charters is to provide the best experience to our guests.

Team Building

Meet Langkawi’s expert in Team Building, we are fun and we always aim to meet your objectives as a company on a whole and the most important factor of meeting your budget.

The Tropical Charters team with 40 years of experience collectively are trained facilitators both locally and abroad and gives your staff an unforgettable experience when we create activities for them that will be able to be used in their everyday working environment.

Events & Set Up

We are in the business to create, we provide experiences that entertain, inform and engage. Be it from gala dinners to thematic events and conferences we create and manage it all every step of the way. Jiggee Events is under our group of companies and we specialise in event across Malaysia and now South East Asia.

Photography & Videography

Snap Productions is a full fledge production house with its expertise in creating videos gigs, montages, photo albums for your guests. In the business for over 15 years and started out wit TV Commercials, movies and sitcoms we are now the leading company in handling all social media handles for Tourism Malaysia and Langkawi tourism to name a few.


Tropical Charter Langkawi
Address: 5, Sunmall Complex, Jalan Telok Baru, Pantai Tengah
07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Hotline: +6012-316 5466
 +604-955 3407
Fax:  +604-955 4407
Book here: Tropical Charter Langkawi


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