Langkawi Cable Car


The steepest cable car ride on earth and takes visitors up 708m above sea level to Langkawi’s second highest peak of Mt. Machinchang, where the view of the surrounding islands is simply breathtaking. Enjoy great views of the hillside flora, waterfalls and occasional glimpses of the wildlife and birds.


SkyRex provides a dynamic and totally immersive experience that takes sensory and physical simulation to a whole new level. An adrenaline inducing adventure that will excite, thrill and enthrall in equal measures.


Immersing and captivating experience is now available with SkyDome! With varieties of show, it will takes you into space, underwater and flying. Just sit tight for approximately 10 minutes to enjoy the show before you embark on your next journey of a thrilling ride of SkyCab.


The curved pedestrian bridge is built atop Mt. Machinchang at height about 700m above sea level. Accessible from the Top Station, the bridge is suspended from a 82m high single pylon and hangs at about 100m above the ground. It swings out over the landscape to give visitors a unique view of the surrounding area.


SkyGlide is a cabin type of transport that can move upward and downward according to a certain incline level. In, general, the design of the cabin is like an evelator with the finishing of glass panels on all sides. This is to allow visitors to have a clear view of mount Machincang and its surroundings.


Our new SkyBoutique outlet is located at Top Station, atop Mt Machinchang. Located at 708m, SkyBoutique offers the most comprehensive of our official Langkawi SkyCab merchandise items such as keychains, mugs, caps, polo T-shirt and more.


A trek between the Middle Station and the Top Station allows visitors to explore the valley the between the two stations. Visitors will experience first hand the unique change in the flora of lowland to the top as well as many species of flora endemic only to the Mt. Machinchang forest reserves.


SkyPos offers visitors to our picturesque mountain top destination the opportunity to share their “I Was Here” moment with their loved ones back home by posting a postcard, letter or greeting card via a specially placed POS Malaysia post box at the Top Station, atop Mt Machinchang.


Located at 700m above the sea level, SkyBistro offers unique vista and cool breeze. Coffee, juices and snacks to name a few would taste great with enthralling view. With tantalizing panoramic view, indulge your taste buds with drinks and snacks at SkyBistro.

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