Mahsuri Tomb

Mahsuri’s Tomb & Cultural Center, Langkawi
While there is a legend perhaps for virtually every tourist attractions in Langkawi, Mashuri’s Tomb (also known as Makam Mahsuri) is one of the very few that does have deep connection with the historical roots of the island and believed to be true by all locals.

Over time several versions of the legend have developed, but the core of the story has remained the same and all agree that Mahsuri was then the most beautiful woman of the island. She was born in Langkawi after her Thai parents immigrated to the island from Phuket in late 18th century for better leaving. Most accounts say that she was born in a farmers family while few claim that she was a princess.

Mahsuri’s Legend
Mahsuri was so beautiful that she became heartthrob of the entire island. So much so that even the chief of the village wanted to marry her, but his existing wife did not allow that to happen. Mahsuri later fell in love and married a warrior. But that was the time when the war with the Siamese broke out. So her husband had to soon join the war leaving Mahsuri all by herself for a long time. This was the time when a storyteller came to the village and mesmerized everyone including Mahsuri with his amazing stories. But he had no place to stay and Mahsuri offered him a shelter.

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