Excited to take a bird’s eye view of the emerald green water, the coconut fringed beaches and the islands from the sky and experience the thrill of parasailing in Langkawi. And when you see so many parachutes in the sky at a beach like Pantai Cenang, it’s hard to resists the temptation of taking a flight.

Before to start parasailing adventure in Langkawi must aware of the risks associated with some unscrupulous operators .

Parasail launching & landing directly at the beaches like Pantai Cenang & Tengah have been declared illegal by the town council. Why? Because there are tall coconut trees, overhead power lines, resort buildings and even barbed wires that fringe the beaches. There have been several cases where the parachutes have landed on the trees and buildings resulting in severe injuries.  There are unlicensed local operators who continue to offer parasailing from the beaches.

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