Jim Thompson Partners with Revested for of Upcycled Silk iPhone Cases

Jim Thompson Partners with Revested Milano for Launch of Upcycled Silk iPhone Cases - TRAVELINDEXBangkok, January 10, 2024 / TRAVELINDEX / Jim Thompson unveils exclusive upcycled silk iPhone cases in collaboration with Revested Milano – a marriage of Thai tradition and Italian innovation. This pioneering alliance brings forth a sustainable premium line, showcasing the legacy of Thai silk-making and Italian design

Jim Thompson, the iconic global lifestyle brand from Asia renowned for its exquisite Thai silks and “Beyond Silk” offerings, announces a ground-breaking collaboration with Italian fashion innovator Revested Milano. This partnership celebrates the launch of a unique line of iPhone cases, each crafted from upcycled Jim Thompson fabrics, embodying both sustainability and unparalleled craftsmanship.

In a bold move aligned with its international expansion, Jim Thompson has forged a collaboration that reflects a shared ethos with Revested Milano; a bond with their respective territories, a dedication to reviving and enhancing craftsmanship, and a commitment to quality. This collaboration seamlessly blends Thai silk tradition with Italian design ingenuity, utilizing silk in unconventional ways while paying homage to artistic, interior, and fashion influences. Revested Milano is the first brand to produce iPhone accessories in fine Italian fabrics, setting a new standard in premium tech accessories.

“Through our collaboration with Revested Milano, we are not only creating a product that stands out for its design and quality but also makes a statement about the importance of sustainability in fashion. These iPhone cases represent the innovative spirit of both brands and our dedication to preserving the environment,” said Nunnapat Verojanavat, Marketing Director at Jim Thompson.

Each iPhone case is a testament to the brands’ shared values; they are distinctly individual, with the placement of fabric patterns varying on each piece, ensuring exclusivity for the discerning customer. Echoing the approach taken with the Jim Thompson X Panpuri collection packaging, these products represent a responsible choice for consumers.

These silk-covered iPhone cases are tailored for the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max (Magsafe; 3 cameras) models and are available in two exquisite patterns, each inspired by the beauty of elephants. The ‘Baby Elephant’ theme set against a classic navy backdrop, features charming baby elephant silhouettes depicted in a variety of delightful poses. The second pattern showcases a ‘Raised Trunk Elephant’ motif in a vibrant yellow, where the elephant motif is repeated to create an engaging pattern that seems to dance across the case. Both patterns are a celebration of these magnificent creatures, offering not just protection for your device but also a statement of style. The cases are lined with a soft grey microfiber to ensure protection.

Andrea Bianconi, the visionary behind Revested Milano, has long been driven by an enduring passion for fashion, style, and the high standards of Italian craftsmanship. With a minimalist philosophy, he cherishes quality over quantity and his innovative spirit is fuelled by cutting-edge technology. His creations are a homage to Italy’s historical expertise in textiles, drawing inspiration from the renowned wool of Biella and the celebrated silks of Como. It is this reverence for heritage and commitment to sustainable innovation that has shaped Revested Milano’s ethos. Speaking on the collaboration with Jim Thompson he said, “This is not just about fashion or accessories; it’s about legacy, sustainability, and the art of surprise. We are thrilled to bring together the best of our worlds – the finesse of Thai silk and the excellence of Italian craftsmanship.”

This latest offering from Jim Thompson, in collaboration with Revested Milano, is more than a product; it is a narrative of shared history, creativity, and forward-thinking vision. The iPhone cases are available now, providing a tangible piece of art for those who appreciate the confluence of tradition and modernity.

About Jim Thompson
No brand spells heritage like Jim Thompson, the Thai Silk Company founded in 1951 by James H.W. Thompson, an architect, art collector, socialite, and entrepreneur who is recognized as the driving force behind the revival of Thailand’s silk industry. Jim Thompson’s disappearance remains one of Southeast Asia’s most intriguing unsolved mysteries. Today, Jim Thompson is the iconic global lifestyle brand from Thailand with a reputation for beautiful silks and “Beyond Silk”.

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